Autism Spectrum

Autism Spectrum Disorder

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What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are simple terms for a set of complex brain development disorders. These disorders are manifested, in varying degrees, with symptoms like lack of ability to comprehend normal social interactions, disabled verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behavior.

ASD also inlcudes childhood disintegrative disorders, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders. A person suffering from autism might display impaired intellectual abilities, improper motor coordination and attention, in addition to several physical symptoms like gastrointestinal disorders and sleep disturbances.

Causes for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism originates in the early developmental stage of the brain. This disorder is generally noticed in early childhood, mostly between 2 – 3 years of age. The precise cause of Autism still remains unknown. These environmental factors could be internal like malnourishment of the mother (notably lack of Folic acid) during pregnancy or oxygen deprivation of the foetus during birth.  These factors coupled with genetic risks, predisposes an individual for Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms

Each child suffering from Autism is unique, with his/her unique symptoms and state. Homeopathy with its individual specific approach treats the child with a holistic perspective keeping his behavior, physical symptoms, genetic predispositions, environmental abuse as pointers to the right prescription. A good homeopathic practitioner would first study the specific state and symptoms and prescribe suitable remedies.

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