Fissure in Ano Homeopathic Treatment

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Fissure In Ano is a condition in which the Anoderm which is a specialized tissue lining anal canal and anus develops a minor tear or cut. Since this tissue contains abundant sensory nerve endings which could sense even a slightest pain or touch, this condition can prove to be extremely painful. In initial stage the fissure (cut) may involve only epidermis but in many cases the cut deepens due to straining at stool in constipation, it might reach to the dermis thus making condition even worse. The anus react to this situation by contracting in order to stabilize pain but since then there is no way left for the feces to move out, it stretches the tear more thus hindering the healing process. The pain is generally accompanied by bleeding which passes out as streaks with stool during defecation.


The fissure causes extreme burning pain especially during defecation which is often accompanied by blood streaks along with stools. The unbearable pain and bleeding usually discourages people from defecation thus causing constipation. Tightness of anus interrupts the discharging of stool. In case of chronic fissures the person can even experience terrible itching and swelling in the lower region. If the problem continues for a long duration it can cause urinary problems like increased frequency of urination.


Important factors contributing to the cause of this problem involves-

  • Physical strain on passing of hard stool.
  • Constipation
  • Consuming low fibre and spicy food
  • Low water consumption which causes hard stool.
  • Weakening of anal sphincter muscles because of some disease or stress.

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