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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has become a common ailment of digestive system majorly affecting the large intestine (Colon). It commonly presents with symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain or discomfort associated with frequent bowel movements. Various other indications like frequent urge to pass stools, cramping, bloating, passing gas, belching etc. can also be observed.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS though not leading to a permanent damage to the digestive system, makes it difficult to have a normal lifestyle.
The precise cause of IBS still remains unidentified but researchers have concluded that a set of lifestyle factors collectively disrupt the normal functioning of the bowel.Other contributing factors are sensitivity to certain food items like chocolate, dairy, alcohol, spicy food etc., genetic predisposition towards stress and abdominal surgeries like gall bladder removal. In a few instances prolonged use of medicines like antibiotics or steroids can also cause IBS.
Homeopathy with its focus on the individual approach treats the hypersensitivity to stress besides the physiological symptoms. The few indicated remedies for IBS are as following:

Home Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nux Vom– It is prescribed for the people with predominantly malicious, spiteful and nervous dispositions. Irritability, anger and stress are triggers for the gastric symptoms. They have constipation or diarrhea or both alternatively. There is also be a feeling of incomplete evacuation.

Sulfur– it is mainly prescribed for people displaying nervous temperament, indolence,quick anger leading sedentary lifestyles. They might experience abdominal disturbances like diarrhea especially in the early morning with the bowel seeming too feeble to retain their content, making the person run to the toilet as soon as he wakes up. Constipation is also prevalent with hard knot like stools with burnt appearance. Passing of stools at times could be very painful coupled with alternate diarrhea.


Homeopathic Remedies for Summer

Homeopathic Remedies for Summer

Summer is here and the families are generally enjoying the vacations by travelling, having get together, attending family occasions and weddings.

During summers because of the extreme heat and occasional humidity adults and children alike suffer from and are prone to certain ailments.

Headaches, high temperatures, diarrheas, vomitings, giddiness, nausea, dry coughs, persistent watery discharges from the noses, cramps etc.

• Always see that you are well covered before you go out in the hot sun. Use umbrellas, hats and caps to protect your head from direct exposure to the hot sun.
• Use sun screen lotions to prevent sunburn and dryness of the exposed parts of your skin. Use chapsticks and lip balms to prevent dryness of the lips.
• Always carry water and keep sipping water to prevent dehydration caused by excessive sweating.
• Avoid eating spicy, greasy, heavy foods. Have plenty of yoghurt, buttermilk at the end of each meal.homeopathy in tanuku Andhra Pradesh

Drink plenty of buttermilk, coconut water, water, juices to replenish the body fluids lost by sweating. Do not drink cold drinks right after you enter the house after being in the sun, wait for a few minutes to let the body adjust to the cooler interior temperature and then slowly sip the cool drink.
• Do not go out directly into the sun from an airconditioned or cool interior. Step out into a cool, shady place outside, wait for a few minutes and then start walking in the sun.
• Have plenty of water loaded fruits like watermelon, musk melons, and papayas, they not only give you low calories but provide fluids and nutrients. Have other fruits like Kiwis, oranges, bananas regularly.
• Avoid eating out at eateries that are unhygienic and those that use “suspect” cooking materials and allow patrons to use dirty cutlery.homeopathy in tanuku Andhra Pradesh

Some common Homeopathic summer remedies are:
• Glonoine: Indicated especially when there headaches caused by being exposed to sun.

Headaches begin in the morning with the rising sun and wane in the evenings when the intensity of the heat goes down.

Headache throbbing in nature and increases in intensity if the room or surroundings are hot. There is dizzyiness on attempting to stand. There is a craving for citric and acidic drinks. Headaches more towards the evening with nausea. Pain in the head felt predominantly on top of the head. Headaches are occasionally accompanied with nosebleeds.

Natrum Carb: Headaches are periodic- they return every summer. Headache is almost always accompanied with vertigo and a sense that the head has “enlarged” or has become “big”.
• Sanguinaria: Headaches mostly right-sided begin from the nape of the neck and spread upwards and the pain settles over the right eye.